Our Services

Whether you have an established brand or you are just starting out, Momblebee specializes in a wide range of creative services for entrepreneurs and businesses that cater to the children’s and mom’s market. We can help businesses large and small to create or improve their branding, message, communications, graphics, internet marketing plan, PR, a web presence, and more. We will work with each client to tailor to individual needs, whether it’s a full soup to nuts program, or simply choosing a la carte from our many services. Let Momblebee’s creative and entrepreneurial skills create some buzz for your business!

Here’s what we can do for your business:

Online Buzz and PR

Harnessing the power of blogs, WOM and social media marketing
The power of word of mouth marketing with mommy bloggers is huge and constantly growing! Momblebee has an established network of blogging moms ready to review your products, host giveaways and really get your product out there on the Internet in front of your consumers. We also have our own blog to feature your products and connect your message through numerous social media and social bookmarking sites.

Creating events that drive traffic and create excitement
We can create online “events” for products – such as online contests that produce content for Social Media sites that will send traffic flowing to your site.

Email marketing and newsletters to keep customers engaged
Keeping in touch with your customers is key to developing long lasting relationships. We can help you by designing and creating email blasts and newsletters to your mailing lists that will help your customers stay on top of new products and news.

Pitching to press to get you covered
Momblebee can provide individual pitches to targeted magazines, newspapers and trade publications, as well as providing press release submissions to online services.


Creative writing to get your message out there
Momblebee can provide a wide range of creative business writing services including press releases, copy writing for web, marketing and promotional materials, blogs, articles, ad copy, slogans and tag lines.

Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing

Creating logos to represent your brand
Momblebee can create a custom graphic identity and logo for your company or update and refresh your existing graphic. Your graphic image is one of the most important elements to building your identity as a brand.

Building a consistent look for your brand
Keeping a strong graphic identity and message consistent through all of your graphic applications is a sure way to help build and strengthen your brand. We can provide a full range of creative business graphics from ads, catalogs, line sheets, postcards, business cards, and more. We can help you to develop a style guide to always insure a consistent representation of your brand in the marketplace.

Getting your products noticed on the shelf 
One of the best ways to tell your story and get your product noticed on the sales floor is through great packaging. Your product has ten seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer. Make that ten seconds count through fresh, innovative and effective packaging design.

Making your brand stand out
With our years of business and brand building experience, Momblebee can analyze your existing brand, product and graphic image and make recommendations, implement improvements and help you develop your plan of attack.

Inventing brand names unique in the marketplace
Whether you need a brand name, product name, a tag line or slogan, Momblebee will create a name that will speak to who you are, what you do, and who your customers are.  A clever and innovative name or slogan can turn your brand into a household name.

Making a clear and strong statement
Momblebee can work with you to create a brand or mission statement that will serve to guide you in all that you do. Your statement will clearly set the tone of your business, guiding you in making decisions regarding all aspects of your business from product direction, styling, marketing, and sales.

Getting to know your market
We can provide research into your market, competition, media venues, blogging sites, retailers, and business relationships that will arm you with information to guide you in developing your plan of action.

Product Design/Development/

Turning an idea into a product
With our extensive product design expertise, we can take an idea and turn it into a product.  From initial concept sketches to full color renderings, we have the design and production know-how to create designs that not only bring your product to life, but will be designed for ease of manufacturing.

Getting into the production line
With our years of experience in bringing a design to production, we can guide you through the ins and outs of the manufacturing process, from product development, sourcing, prototyping to commercialization.