Mommy Bloggers, The Wonder Women of the Internet

wonder_wideweb__430x311The modern way of promotion, branding, PR and marketing is rapidly evolving. In fact, it probably just changed a little bit more in the time it took me to write this sentence. High priced ads are no longer effective or trusted by consumers, and especially in the children’s market, consumers are the ones who now have tremendous power and influence.

Moms are the primary spenders in most American households, but they aren’t turning to glossy magazines for information on what to buy like they did when I was a tot. Moms are not sitting around flipping through magazines, watching soap operas, and making cream sauce with Campbell’s mushroom soup. They are way too busy for all of that. They are raising their families, and/or working inside or outside of the home, while simultaneously blogging, tweeting, texting, social networking, commenting and bookmarking all over the internet about the things they love and the things they hate, and consumers are reading and listening.

These internet savvy moms are the new movers and shakers and opinion makers. Many SAHMs and WAHMs are marketers, writers, lawyers, educators, you name it. Some are women with a natural entrepreneurial sense and a penchant for blogging and twittering. Some use their blogs as viable businesses and have busy public speaking schedules, and some are in it as a hobby to express themselves, find great stuff for their families, or connect with other women and be part of a rapidly growing community.

But whatever their motivation, these moms (and a growing number of dads) are the new power players when it comes to building a brand. If you are a new brand, or a well established one for that matter, forget about your huge advertising budgets. Put your product in the hands of the right blogging moms and the results will be far more powerful and more meaningful than what an ad could produce. Blogging moms represent the modern women’s movement of the new century. They’re not burning their bras this time, no sir, they’re wearing them with pride – nursing bras, running bras and push up bras – the power bras of the new Wonder Women. So if you’re not paying attention, you’d better open your eyes and take notice of the teams of wonder women all around you, or your brand will surely be left behind.

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