Our Philosophy:

Momblebee was born from the deep understanding that building a brand starts with a great idea, a clever product or service, a unique identity, an interesting story, a consistent message presented and spread in innovative and creative ways.  These are the essential elements that separate a business from a brand.  Your brand is what will make a connection to your consumers.

A business needs a clear philosophy to guide it, and that philosophy should be reflected in all that the company does – through its products and services, image and logo, packaging and printed materials, website and online presence, press releases and presentation to and interaction with its consumers. When a message is consistent, it starts to be picked up as the word on the street and the buzz created about your brand comes through loud and clear.

At Momblebee, we are true believers in inbound, organic 100% natural marketing. The old way of outbound messaging through expensive ads, shouting your message to anyone who glances at it and hoping they’ll listen, or care and buy, is no longer very effective. Connecting to consumers directly, building relationships, and letting them tell your story in their own words is much more meaningful and powerful. This type of inbound marketing will grow and spread your message, turning your business into a brand.

Who’s behind Momblebee?

Cheryl Andonian
Founder, Principal

I am a natural intuitive communicator and creative brand visionary with personal experience in entrepreneurial business ventures and startups. I hold a unique hybrid of skills, combining my experience as an entrepreneur, business owner and brand builder with my astute communication skills and natural visual and design sensibilities. I am a professionally educated visual and written communicator, earning a B.S. from Boston University’s College of Communication. I have spent my career starting small businesses, working as a consultant and working within the corporate environment. Most recently, I co-founded and served as the VP of Marketing for a successful start-up children’s footwear company called Polliwalks. With virtually no budget, I promoted the brand, which included establishing an ongoing grass roots internet marketing campaign, generating thousands and thousands of search results and hits to the website, as well as securing editorial coverage in key consumer and trade publications. Polliwalks grew to a multi-million dollar brand inside of two years. I am passionate about good design, innovative ideas, clear communication, great products, social media, entrepreneurship, connecting people and brands, and my family. My fresh creative approach, established relationships and natural intuitive skills can transform an idea into a business and a business into a brand.