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Momblebee is a creative boutique branding, internet marketing/PR, social media networking and design firm that specializes in building brands and creating buzz for businesses that cater to children and moms. Momblebee is small but mighty with an approach that is innovative, intuitive, personal, organic, and taps into a vast creative skill set that will work wonders in connecting brands meaningfully with their consumers. Momblebee offers combined talents in communications, branding, design, and online marketing along with established relationships with a powerful network of mom bloggers to add value, connection and validity to your business and image.  At Momblebee, we help brands become big in the world by planting the seed, helping it germinate, grow, pollinate and spread.

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Referral Spam Solved

Is ghost referral spam screwing up your Google analytics data? Fed up seeing spammy sites like darodar, semalt, and in your list of referrers? Well, you’re not alone. Referral spam is the bain of most webmasters at the moment and has been getting steadily worse over the past year
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Branding Rule #1: Avoid Conjuring Up Images of #2

I came across a company name the other day and when I saw it, I truly had to do a double take. My point is not to embarrass anyone here, so I won’t reveal the actual name, but let’s suffice it to say that it conjured up images of baking diapers in an oven, quite literally. O – k-aay, I thought to myself. I’m picturing a lovely woman in a nice white chef’s hat and coat with oven mitts and a nasty tray of …oh, I can’t continue. With this image in my mind, I felt compelled to go to the site and see for myself what this product could possibly be.
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Has Social Media Cheapened Creative Talent?

One of the basic concepts in social media and online networking and marketing is about giving, yet there seems to be a lot more taking going on lately. Although I agree that the participation in the social web absolutely needs to have that element of helpfulness, it doesn’t mean that professional creative services should be expected to be given away for free or for a few bucks.
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Are You Walking or Crossing the Personal Line on Your Blog?

There are a lot of people talking online these days about the importance of injecting personal information into your blog. Although I completely agree that you have to show who you are as a person to your readership in order make a connection and create loyal readers, I think the level of personal exposure completely depends on the type of blog you have and where you draw your line personally.
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